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Residential Park Living


Residential Park living is continuing to grow in popularity in South Australia as it is in the eastern States. There are several Parks in South Australia that are purely Residential Parks, that is they allow long term living and have no tourist component to their business.

There are also many predominantly tourist parks which also provide dedicated areas for Residential Living. These may allow transportable and relocatable homes or caravan and annexes to be established in their Parks in certain areas, and under certain conditions.

Residing long term in a Caravan Park or Residential Village can have many advantages including cost effective and affordable accommodation. The ongoing maintenance is usually less than an established home, and in some cases there is a great community atmosphere in the Park. Residential Park living can provide a secure, comfortable environment with neighbours close at hand. Some Residential Parks also provide community halls and resident organised social club events regularly occur.

If this type of living sounds interesting to you it is advisable to take time to carefully consider what types of things you may be looking for in Residential Park Living.

It is important to thoroughly investigate the facilities offered by the Park you are considering. You should make yourself aware of your obligations and also what is being offered by the Park. You should get sound legal advice about the terms and conditions of your tenancy at the Park to ensure it suits your needs.

If purchasing an existing dwelling, or planning to establish a new dwelling in a purely Residential Park you will be dealing with the owner or management of the Park. There will be clear terms and conditions offered, and like any big decision you should seek good legal advice to ensure you clearly understand the terms and conditions of your agreement.

If you are considering Residential Park living we suggest you visit several Parks in varying locations to determine what the options are. Consider whether you require a purely Residential Park style or would prefer to reside in a Mixed Tourist and Residential park. In most cases Residential Parks will offer longer term lease arrangements which can allow for better long term security as these parks are planned with long term living in mind.

If purchasing an existing dwelling in a mixed Tourist and Residential Park, it is not sufficient to simply talk to the owner of the dwelling as they are only selling you that dwelling; they are not selling you the site on which the dwelling/infrastructure is located. Prior to purchasing anything it is imperative that you meet with the park management or owner to determine the terms and conditions under which you are allowed to utilise the dwelling. You rent the site from the Park owner and as such, only they can inform you of the future availability of the site and the terms and conditions of your tenancy.

Be aware that while dwellings may look permanent, they are actually transportable, which means that you need to know the terms of any lease arrangement under which you are allowed to leave the dwelling on that site. Some mixed Tourist and Residential Parks may have future development plans which could impact on the location of the dwelling you intend to purchase. Be wary; you should only pay for the dwelling you are buying and not the location.


PARKS that have mixed RESIDENTIAL and TOURIST :

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