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2020 SA Caravan & Camping Guide Download Here

Have you ever thought of owning your own caravan or camping unit! An impossible dream, you say. Not really! Anyone can own a camping unit. Caravans, camper trailers or camper vans are a worthwhile purchase, and if well cared for make a sound investment. Having one in your backyard means you are able to take off on a holiday whenever you wish.

For example, many people head for nearby sites or parks after work on Fridays and return home Sunday evening. They make their vans or camper selfcontained so that there is no need to load and unload crockery, eating utensils k bedding. Caravans range from basic models to super luxury units. Even the basic designs have everything you need refrigerator, stove, beds etc. Luxury caravans can have ALL the comforts of home, such as lounge rooms, separate kitchens, bars, stereo, TV, airconditioning, separate main bedroom, shower and toilet.

So why not surprise the family with a caravan or camping unit? Retailers who are members of the Caravan and Camping Industries Association of S.A. are able to advise on everything you need to know in regard to selecting, buying or using a caravan or camper. They will ensure you don't buy a unit too big for the vehicle you drive. And don't forget, caravans and other units are a sound financial investment. No one need feel apprehensive about towing or driving any type of camping unit. All that is needed is a little common sense and perhaps learning a few new skills. A few years ago driving and towing caravans was left to the men. Now it is common place to find women sharing the driving or even taking friends or families on holidays by themselves.

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