2019 SA Caravan & Camping Guide

Christie ParkSafe

  • Christie ParkSafe
  • Features:
  • – Modular Gas or Electric Cooking Systems
  • – Brick In Electric Park Safe Cooking Systems
  • – Stainless Steel Brickwork Tops
  • – Freestanding Gas or Electric Park Safe Cooking Systems
  • – Granitic Sand Pathing System
  • – Shelters and Park Furniture
  • Christie ParkSafe
  • Christie ParkSafe
  • Christie ParkSafe

Christie Parksafe has led the world in the design and manufacture of safe, efficient and hygienic, public cooking systems.

Their most recent innovation, the CCQ cooktop, has raised the bar even higher.
The patented CCQ combines a leading-edge, controlled, electronic system for greater efficiency and performance. It is the most logical and user-friendly cooktop available anywhere in the world. Its stunning performance using gas is unique.

To complement the BBQs, Christie Parksafe offers a unique range of recycled products, including park furniture, decking, bollards and signs. This unique recycling process not only diverts plastic from landfill but also polystyrene.

Christie Parksafe is dedicated to providing outdoor cooking solutions for parks of every shape and size.
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