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Redarc Electronics Pty Ltd

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  • Redarc Electronics Pty Ltd
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Based in Lonsdale, SA, REDARC has over 35 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products including inverters, power supplies, DC-DC battery chargers and Battery Management Systems, CANBus modules, trailer braking products, 52mm gauges and customised electronic modules.

Essentially, REDARC's products are attached to any moving vehicle that uses battery power including cars, boats, rail, trucks, mining equipment, bus and emergency vehicles.

REDARC�s goal is to ensure that the REDARC product and service is the benchmark by which the competition is measured.


We have a fundamental rule that the Customer is King. We strive to ensure that each customer is totally satisfied with our product, with warm, friendly service and excellent after sales support and free technical assistance.


We understand the importance of speed in a highly competitive marketplace. We meet the challenge of speed with quality being of prime importance to our work practices.


  • Smart Start� Battery Management System
    The Redarc Smart Start� Battery Management System is designed to offer a complete solution to battery charging and maintenance needs for trucking, recreational automotive and marine applications.

    The Smart Start� Battery Management System is robust and rugged, designed and tested to withstand the harsh and varied conditions of the Australian outback. You can be assured the ultimate in battery management regardless of your location.

  • DC Battery Chargers
    With so many different possible combinations, choosing the right charging system can be both difficult and time consuming.

    Thats why weve put together a wide range of DC Battery Chargers to tackle any situation.
    Whether your putting critical charge back into your batteries, or just keeping your batteries maintained, REDARC has the right charger for the job.

  • SBI Series Dual Battery Isolator What is a Dual Battery Isolator?

    A battery isolator is a device designed to allow the vehicle alternator to charge an auxiliary battery whilst the vehicle is running, and to isolate the starter battery from the auxiliary battery when the vehicle is not running.

    This allows the operator to charge the auxiliary battery when the vehicle is running and run loads from the auxiliary battery whilst the vehicle is off without the risk of discharging the start battery to a point where it is not able to start the vehicle. Modern battery isolators will do this without any input from the vehicle operator.

  • Pure Sine Power Inverter
    Redarc pure sine wave inverters produce a pure sine wave output.
    This means the power output from a Redarc pure sine wave inverter is not only the same as the mains supply... it�s often even better!

    A pure sine wave is not only critical for the correct functioning of high end electronic equipment, it will also ensure that all your appliances run more smoothly, producing less heat and noise.

  • Redarc Trailer Brake Controllers
    When towing a caravan or trailer it�s not so much the going that�s important. It�s the stopping!
    REDARC�s next generation Tow-Pro Elite Electronic Brake Controller sets the benchmark in trailer braking.

    No other electric trailer brake controller on the market can match Tow-Pro Elite.
    Simple to install and operate, it continues to be the only brake controller to offer two types of braking � Automatic mode (inertia or proportional braking) for highway conditions and user-controlled mode for off-road.

    Suitable for 12 or 24 volt systems, Tow-Pro Elite will operate both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer-brakes.

  • Battery Chargers
    Redarc is the first all-Australian company to develop a method of recharging the batteries used in today�s vehicles. The Redarc SmartCharge is more than a charger... it�s a battery-management system with an in-built computer that will charge your battery to 100%.

  • Low Coolant Alarm
    The LCA1224 low coolant alarm can be used in a 12V or 24V automotive system or remote water pumping system to monitor radiator coolant level.

    It will provide a visual and audible alarm if the coolant falls below the chosen level or if the pump loses priming.

    It will give warning of a sudden loss of coolant (from a burst radiator hose, for example) alerting you to switch off the engine, preventing any damage due to overheating.

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