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Fun Wheels

  • Fun Wheels
  • Features:
  • – Quality BERG TOYS outdoor ride-on toys and pedal go-karts
  • – Domestic sales - wide range of unique domestic outdoor toys for home
  • – Commercial sales - heavy duty commercial toys for Holiday Parks, Rentals
  • – All BERG TOYS are proven succes worldwide
  • – Instant additional income & new child experience for Holiday Parks
  • – Excellent service, best warranties & spare parts. Try them now!
  • – BIG4 preferred Supplier
  • Fun Wheels
  • Fun Wheels
  • Fun Wheels

Fun Wheels Pty Ltd was taken under new management in early 2016. We are a premium dealer for BERG commercial and domestic products offering sales nationwide!

Rob and the team have refreshed Fun Wheels Pty Ltd to begin supplying businesses, caravan parks, resorts and families with top quality pedal go-karts engineered and fabricated by BERG.

The team is small, but has a lot of love for the BERG product and the Dutch company's outlook on life. We all have our own children of varying ages, and believe, that in a world now dominated by technology and video games, we see less children outside enjoying those rays of sunshine that nature provides us every day. It is this very fact that sees us so passionate about our BERG pedal go-karts and gives us the drive to promote the products until we are blue in the face.

It is our mission to get the knowledge of BERG pedal go-karts out to the entire country. We want to give everyone the opportunity to take a ride on a BERG go-kart and supply not only the go-karts, but accessories also, to all those who want to buy one, or a collection for their business, park or family!

Our pedal go-karts are not all one seated - most can have a second seat attached to the back. PLUS there are a range of pre-designed 2 and 4 seated karts - ready for the family to take a ride together!
BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor playtime pleasure! Our go-karts and trampolines guarantee years of trouble-free playtime fun. Their team of experienced designers and engineers work daily on updating and improving the BERG range of products. Leveraging innovations in technology, quality, safety, ease of use and design, BERG products constantly improve in function, ease of use and appearance.

All BERG products are designed by employees at BERG. After development of a prototype and after extensive testing, the new go-karts taken into production. Quality and flexibility are BERG's watchwords.

BERG is synonymous with top quality. Children are able to enjoy years of fun with BERG products. This is why BERG set high quality standards for their products. BERG conducts internal quality control on all of its products, subjecting the go-karts to extreme conditions. In addition to their internal testing, BERG submits its products to quality control testing independent bodies. As a result of the tests, the products are certified in accordance with international standards and legislation. Of course the products are also tested by the users themselves: children.

BERG takes responsibility for its role as a global citizen responsible for its "environmental footprint". Sustainability is an important item for them. They do their best to be as environmentally-friendly as possible in their production. BERG devote attention to the paint on the products, for instance, and also to the synthetic components of the BERG Go-karts. Further, BERG waste materials are submitted to recycling as much as possible!
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